Low pitch roofs - e.g Extensions

Recently we have been asked to look at several roofs which have been getting water in during the bad weather we have experienced.

They all were experiencing the same problems and all had the same issue - they had tiles or slates on their roof where the pitch was too low for them to function as required.

The options to solve this can be quite expensive, it would mean either: -

a) Having to correct the pitch of the roof (which in most cases cannot be done especially on extension roofs)

b) Replace the roof covering with a tile suitable for the low pitch for example Cambrians and this can be quite expensive.

We however have just been introduced to a fantastic product by Permavent which could save you the expensive options above. With this product you can re-use your roof covering (in most cases - this will need assessing by one of our roofers) saving you hundreds if not thousands of pounds depending on the size of your roof.

The materials are guaranteed for 40 years.

If you think this product could help you then please call us on 07737 433869 or 01884 821514 for your Free no obligation quotation and to find out more information.

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